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Games dedicated to running a farm, growing crops and raising animals. Sheep Farm - Sheep Farm Animals Time Management Farm Set up and manage your very own sheep farm

Tackle the day-to-day chores of managing your farm

Earn some profits, buy more sheep, and grow your business
Horse Haven: World Adventures 9 Horse Haven: World Adventures Horse Racing Horse Farm Management Establish your own horse ranches in various countries

Grow and harvest crops in the farm plots on your ranch to feed your horses

Sign your horses up to participate in steeplechase competitions
Hay Day - Hay Day Farm Own your very own patch of raw land and transform it to a bustling farm-produce factory.

Grow various fruits, veggies, and add in some variety of livestock to turn in a profit.

Dedicate raw material onto processing plants to earn more precious products to sell.
My Free Farm 2 - My Free Farm 2 Animals Farm Play this fun and exciting farming game that’ll take you on an epic adventure.

Create new production structures on your farm to create more valuable products.

Enjoy the delightful visuals that make the experience very immersive.
The Tribez 10 The Tribez Virtual World Farm Family Travel to a parallel world where you are viewed as the prophesied savior of the people

Help your tribe obtain prosperity and happiness under your wise rule

Expand your land to discover various secrets and mysteries in this ancient world
FarmVille 2: Country Escape - FarmVille 2: Country Escape Animals Pet Farm Harvest a variety of crops and fruits

Build your own farm

Compete with your friends or help them grow crops
Farm Heroes Super Saga 10 Farm Heroes Super Saga Social Match 3 Farm Collect 4 or more cropsies to get a Super Cropsie.

Collect Super Cropsies and get to your level goals faster.

Match 5 cropsies to eliminate all similar cropsies on the board.
Happy Cafe - Happy Cafe Cooking Restaurant/ Cafe Modern Setting Farm Management Manage your own cafe in Happy Cafe.

Grow the ingredients yourself and cook delicious meals.

Install the perfect seating at your restaurant to attract more customers.
Merge Farm! - Merge Farm! Animals Merge & Match Farm Management Idle Merge all the delicious crops and expand your farm in Merge Farm!

Complete orders and collect revenues to explore new variety.

Manage your farm animals and make delicious items with raw produce.
Hi Farm: Merge Fun! - Hi Farm: Merge Fun! Animals Merge & Match Farm Merge a wide variety of crops to level them up

Harvest your crops and sell them to your customers

Process your harvest into more profitable goods like bread and juice

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