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Games where you are shooting bubbles to match colours and make them pop. Panda Pop 10 Panda Pop Panda Pop is a Free Facebook Bubble Shooter game, rescue the panda cubs from the bubbles and make sure they get safely back to mama panda.

Shoot 3 or more bubbles to make them pop releasing the Pandas.

Use special elemental lantern powers to blow up bubbles.

Play over 90 levels of bubble action!
Angry Birds POP - Angry Birds POP Take down the birds' enemies in this highly addictive bubble popping experience.

Utilize the many different available birds and each of their special abilities to progress further.

Choose from the different power-ups you have at your disposal to give yourself some aid during levels.
Bubble Planet - Bubble Planet Enjoy some classic bubble shooting action in either puzzle or arcade modes

Complete the level before the UFO touches the ground

Without an energy or life system in place, you can play until you (literally) drop
Bubble Witch Saga 2 10 Bubble Witch Saga 2 Welcome to Bubble Witch Saga 2 all the classic gameplay you love and much more. With fantastic new challenges and lots of fun to be found.

Enjoy a variety of different types of game.

Get massive scores with friendly spiders and cauldrons.

Use boosters to help you complete games.
Kitty Pawp - Kitty Pawp Match cute, kitty-shaped bubbles

Pop your way through colorful levels

Keep the cats happy to purr and meow for you!
Lost Bubble - Lost Bubble Get rid of Pandora's Boxes in the levels by popping bubbles. But keep in mind not to hit Pandora's Box.

Unlock new areas, and embark on engrossing journeys in mysterious lands.

Play now to enter a world full of mysteries, magic and adventures!
Bubble Mania 10 Bubble Mania Immerse yourself in this extremely addictive bubble shooter game that’s sure to impress.

Take down the evil bubble wizard who’s capturing baby critters and trapping them in bubbles.

Enjoy over 600 different levels with unique designs and challenges.
LINE Bubble 2 - LINE Bubble 2 Help Cony the Bunny find her boyfriend in a mysterious world.

Burst animal bubbles in threes or more to score huge combos.

Collect rewards and beat your friends to the mission.
Bubble Island 2: World Tour 10 Bubble Island 2: World Tour Collect all the berries in this classic aim and shoot game.

Match three or more berries of the same color to make high scores with limited shots.

Use cool power ups and complete objectives as fast as you can in Bubble Island 2: World Tour.
Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Pop 3 Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Pop Try your luck at Wheel of Fortune: bubble shooter style.

Guess the word by popping letter bubbles.

Make sure to solve the puzzle without consuming all of your bubbles.

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