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गेम्स जो कि 2 डी गा्रफिक्स के साथ आते है वो आमतोर पर सपाट महसूस होते है क्योकि जो केरेक्टर ओर वातावरण इन ेगेम्स में हे वो सपाट या ज्यामितिय होता है 10 Pictoword 2 Played Pictoword Guess the right word through pictures in Pictoword.

Play a huge variety of exciting and challenging levels.

Use hints and complete quests to earn coins.
9 Homescapes 2 Played Homescapes Help out Austin as he tries to return his family’s mansion to its once brilliant state.

Make your way through various match-3 levels as you try to acquire stars to purchase new furniture and decorations.

Progress through the game to learn new secrets about your parents’ mansion.
8 Genies & Gems 2 Played Genies & Gems Collect treasure chests by matching gems.

Help the genie and her pet fox reach the treasure by collecting paws.

Use magical boosters to clear more gems.
7 Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery 2 Played Seekers Notes Help the people of Darkwood find their missing items

Scour the city for clues as to who’s behind this curse

Banish monsters, trade with locals and craft collectibles with merchants
6 Hocus Puzzle 2 Played Hocus Puzzle Link up potions of the same color to remove them from the board

Use the arsenal of boosters, spells, special potions and bombs to your advantage

Restore magic to the world and stop the evil witch, Circe
5 Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen 3 Played Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Learn fashion with Nikki across seven nations in Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen.

Compete with stylist and designers in a huge variety of exciting dress up competitions.

Wear the most stylish dresses and get that perfect fashion sense on a roll.
4 Toon Blast 3 Played Toon Blast Enjoy this exciting blockbuster game that’s sure to provide hours upon hours of fun.

Complete various challenging levels that are sure to test your puzzle solving skills.

Interact with many memorable cartoon characters along your journey.
3 Wordscapes 5 Played Wordscapes Enjoy playing a relaxing and innovative word puzzle game that fuses word-finding with crosswords

Search for all the words on the crossword puzzle, along with some bonus ones, by linking up letters

Unlock and experience the game’s many gorgeous themes
2 Disney Getaway Blast 25 Played Disney Getaway Blast Merge together tons of colorful tiles in this addicting mobile based game that doesn’t disappoint.

Progress through a massive variety of challenging levels featuring clever designs.

Utilize the powerful abilities of iconic Disney characters to get some assistance during the more challenging levels.
1 Penny & Flow: Finding Home 91 Played Penny & Flow: Finding Home Accompany Penny and Flow on their quest to rebuild an entire mansion from scratch in this delightful mobile based game that doesn’t disappoint.

Play through tons upon tons of creatively designed matching levels that’ll put your skills to the test.

Unlock and utilize a variety of decorations and other items for the mansion as you progress through the game.

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