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गेम्स जो कि 2 डी गा्रफिक्स के साथ आते है वो आमतोर पर सपाट महसूस होते है क्योकि जो केरेक्टर ओर वातावरण इन ेगेम्स में हे वो सपाट या ज्यामितिय होता है Poptropica - Poptropica आभासी दुनियाँ किड सेफ Play this fantastic and highly addictive virtual world game that’s full of memorable moments.

Meet many new friends as you make your way through the game and explore new places.

Enjoy tons of different mini-games against live players and see who the better player is.
Book of Life: Sugar Smash 7 Book of Life: Sugar Smash मैच 3 Experience the very best of traditional match-3 gameplay with solid visuals and great variety.

Combine more than three treats in a single turn to spawn special treats that have varying special effects.

Utilize cool power-ups along the way to give yourself a much needed edge during difficult levels.
Pirate Kings 10 Pirate Kings Pirates Defend your own island and attack the others in a very fun gameplay experience.

Spin the reel and see which is your action next.

Action packed pirate gameplay with vivid graphics.
Icy Run - Icy Run Runner Game Icy the Penguin is far from home, and you need to help him get there in a fun new game.

Create paths of ice by swiping in a unique new style of casual game.

Collect food and avoid obstacles as you race to get Icy back to the South Pole.
Angry Birds POP - Angry Birds POP बबल शूटर Take down the birds' enemies in this highly addictive bubble popping experience.

Utilize the many different available birds and each of their special abilities to progress further.

Choose from the different power-ups you have at your disposal to give yourself some aid during levels.
Major Tom: Space Adventure 9 Major Tom: Space Adventure Futuristic Setting Space Games Launch into space with Major Tom – everybody’s favorite fictional astronaut

Gather as many golden ores as you can while avoiding obstacles

Collect all the differently-designed space suits for Major Tom
Hidden Object: Fame and Fortune - Hidden Object: Fame and Fortune Classic Hidden Objects Hidden Object Puzzle Search for hidden objects in various scenes to earn some cash

Feeling lucky? Try doubling your money at the casino

Give stardom a shot and attain the fame and fortune you’ve always wanted
Hammer Time - Hammer Time Fantasy Setting Medieval Age Protect the castle from siege by timing your strikes properly and become the hero that the people need.

Use the giant hammer to smash away incoming rocks before they wreck the castle.

Unlock new and more powerful hammers as you go through the game.
Candy Crush Jelly Saga 10 Candy Crush Jelly Saga मैच 3 Play this excellent match-3 game that’s sure to get anyone hooked with all the new features that it brings.

Do your best to solve the brilliantly designed levels that present a serious challenge.

Enjoy the breathtaking visuals and top quality sound effects that make this game second to none.
Ranch Online - Ranch Online Empire Building हाॅर्स रेसिंग मैनेजमेन्ट (प्रबन्धन) Get into the world of horse-raising in this great ranching simulation game.

Grow your holdings from a small plot of vacant land to a bustling empire of champion line growers.

Enjoy one of the most comprehensive ranch-managing operations and see what you can create.

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Most Played 2 डी Games Most Played 2 डी Games

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