साहसिक Games List

ऐसे गेम्स जहाँ आप यात्रा करते हैं और पहेलियों, सवालों और शैतानों से भरी हुई दुनिया का पता लगाते हैं। Pokemon Go - Pokemon Go Embark on an epic adventure to become a Pokemon master

Fill up your Pokedex by catching as many Pokemons as you can find

Test your mettle by battling other players’ Pokemons at gyms
Love Engine - Love Engine Reunite two lovers in this romantic puzzle game with fantastic music and highly appealing graphics.

Solve complicated puzzles and be touched by the couple’s thrilling adventure to meet again, thanks to the power of the fireflies.

Be challenged by the game’s many levels, and treat yourself to the beautiful soundtrack.
Rayman Adventures - Rayman Adventures Looking for the perfect runner game to pass time? Try out Rayman Adventures.

Collect the golden eggs and fight off the enemies while you race to the finish line.

Enjoy amazing adventures and rescue the coolest monsters to make them your sidekick.
Marvel Puzzle Quest - Marvel Puzzle Quest Match similarly colored cubes in order to attack your opponents and deal damage.

Be quick with your matches in order to prevent your opponents from attacking.

Match cubes that correspond to your character’s color in order to charge up their special attacks.
Club Penguin Island - Club Penguin Island Meet new people and make new friends in this child-friendly virtual world game

Explore the whole island to find treasures, and set off on exciting story-based adventures

Design your own outfits and customize your penguin to your liking
Super Mario Run - Super Mario Run Enjoy this phenomenal Mario game that’s certain to have its players hooked.

Travel through many different game worlds on your epic journey.

Efficiently navigate through the levels to get a high score at the end.
Super Sam - Super Sam Oh no, Super Sam’s sheep have been kidnapped by a scary alien monster - retrieve them immediately!

Tilt to avoid traps, enemies, and obstacles as you gather coins and complete exciting missions.

Enjoy full-fledged, fingerless, and fun casual gameplay with little to zero difficulty.
Super Sam Adventures - Super Sam Adventures Save the sheep from the evil aliens in Super Sam Adventures, a top-down game where you avoid obstacles.

Beware, the land is full of dangers that want to stop you from reuniting with your sheep.

Gather coins, complete exciting missions, and gather boosts and powerups to finish levels better.
Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek - Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek Play Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek and strap yourself on Uri’s boots to go on a mysterious journey.

Embark on an adventure wherein you save the world and make lives better by solving numerous puzzles.

Enjoy the beautiful art and graphics, relaxing soundtrack, and simple yet challenging gameplay.
Monument Valley - Monument Valley Play Monument Valley for free and be treated to arguably one of the best mobile gaming experiences out there.

Guide a silent princess through a world filled with fantastical architecture.

Find and traverse through hidden paths, optical illusions, and outsmarting the crow people.

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