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Support Goldie the dog in his exciting bingo quest

Buy your bingo cards and get ready to win!

Collect all the kidnapped dogs and rise up the ranks

Support Goldie the dog in his exciting bingo quest

Buy your bingo cards and get ready to win!

Collect all the kidnapped dogs and rise up the ranks

Do you have a flair for Bingo? Are you a dog enthusiast? If you answered yes to both, then Trophy Bingo is the game for you! Turning an ordinary game of Bingo into something fresh and more exciting, Trophy Bingo introduces a puppy-themed adventure where you'll need to accompany Goldie the Golden Retriever to save his friends from the evil trophy hunter. With all the levels you could hope for and heaps of cuddly dogs to save, Trophy Bingo is sure to be the next Bingo hit. So come and save your first dog today with Trophy Bingo!

Trophy Bingo introduces player to the predicament that faces Goldie, a Golden Retriever who lost his friends to the Trophy Hunter. Your mission now is to find and rescue the super dogs as you traverse through the many levels the the trophy hunter has prepared.

Like a classic game of bingo, players will have to wait for the number on their bingo cards called out and make a combination in any direction they can. This means that vertical, horizontal and diagonal straights are allowed. For extra ease during the game, Goldie the dog shares his magical bingo powers allowing players an extra stamp on their Bingo card.

However, there are various ways in which the player can succeed in completing the increasingly difficult levels. One such way includes the Powerplays that the puppies provide once rescued. Each puppy you save will have a special skill to help you, and once unlocked, you can have the ability to have 3 puppies working together in one level. This gives players the chance to strategically choose which Powerplay dogs will make the best team for the next level.

There are 120 levels which only seem to get more and more challenging and it will take a well formed team to pass the difficult Bingo games that the trophy hunter has set. And because of the numerous and varied nature of these levels, Trophy Bingo has organized all of them into a map progression system, much like Candy Crush Saga has done in their maps.

But this game is so much more than bingo and puppies, in fact Trophy Bingo has integrated a leaderboard on the left hand side of the screen to show your progress against friends and other players. Once signed in to your Facebook account, anyone can see who the leading players are based on rankings gathered by scores throughout the game. So if you feel that you’re up for a challenge, then invite all your friends and try to beat all their scores as much as you want.

To top it off, Trophy Bingo features cute graphics well suited for both kids and adults. Let the furry dog friends come to life as they both look and sound realistic. The graphics look quite cartoonish too which brings bingo to a new light and highlights the cute dogs even further. Partnered with peaceful background music to portray that the dogs should naturally be outside. This game is both challenging and relaxing at the same time, especially after you’ve finished a level.

To sum up, Trophy Bingo is an innovative approach to what was once a forgotten classic game. Together with many new elements and the ingenious addition of cute puppies to help you through 120 crazy levels, you will be playing this game for hours. Don’t forget to save the dogs for additional help to provide you with neat Powerplay skills. But don’t be too relaxed as the levels get harder with each completion and will have to get creative with your puppy combinations. So don’t waste another minute and rescue your first dog now in Trophy Bingo!

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Buy your bingo cards and get ready to win!

Collect all the kidnapped dogs and rise up the ranks
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