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Play 17 various Solitaire games with lovely playing cards.

Get 18 feminine designs for your cards and 9 backgrounds.

Experience Solitaire in a beautiful card layout and various modes.

Are your eyes sore from looking at basic Solitaire card designs in your games? Then Princess Solitaire is here to spice up your card-playing routine! This game will put sparkle and cuteness into your favorite Solitaire games like Klondike, Freecell, Spider and many more.

Princess Solitaire lets you choose a card design before playing any of its 17 game modes. Go to Settings and pick up to 6 designs in each category which are: Jewelry, Pets and Chocolates. After choosing a card design you can tap on Backgrounds and select from 9 pre-installed backgrounds to match your card. There are 6 more backgrounds that you can download.

Tap on Select Game to choose a Solitaire game you want to play. There are 17 game modes and more to come, as the game developer are open to player suggestions. A brief description of each game with a difficulty level (low, medium or high) is indicated below the name of the game. There’s Klondike, which is similar to the Windows version, and then there’s Double Klondike, which uses two decks instead of one.

To play a game, you can tap or drag a card into place to make your move. By default, the game automatically places an Ace on top, as well as any other card that might come after it. If you get stuck, you can tap on the Hint button on the bottom. The card/s that you can move will be highlighted and will wiggle. It’s up to you to make sense of the hint and make your next move based on the hint. If you made a move but want to take it back, you can tap the Undo button on the bottom. If you want to play the same game over again, just tap New. However, if you want to play a different game, you need to tap on Exit instead and choose another game from the list.

Princess Solitaire is a fun way to play a round or two of Solitaire, especially if you like girly graphics and themes. The Jewelry cards feature diamond hearts and floral designs, while the Pet cards have cute cat and dog designs. The Chocolate collection carry different designs of chocolate wrappers, and there’s one biscuit design as well.

While the game modes offered here does lack the Classic Solitaire, there’s more interesting ones that you can try to keep you engaged and entertained. Solitaire may be a relaxed, peaceful game, but Princess Solitaire makes it colorful and interesting with its many card designs and backgrounds. There’s more than a dozen ways to mix and match your cards and backgrounds so your board never looks the same twice.

There are more in-game options you can change to make the game work better for you. Go to Settings, then tap Options. Here, you can change the volume of the background music and sound effects separately. You can also display or hide the Status Bar of your phone, change the card deck position from right to left, enable Active Hint and change the way you move cards.

While Princess Solitaire’s main feature is the many ways you can change card designs, it also has a pretty wide selection of Solitaire games, as well as helpful game options to match your gameplay preferences. So it’s not just for girls and women who love to dress up their cards, it’s for anyone who wants to play Solitaire in a new and artistic way, while having lots of game modes and gameplay options to choose from.

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Get 18 feminine designs for your cards and 9 backgrounds.

Experience Solitaire in a beautiful card layout and various modes.
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