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Match cute, kitty-shaped bubbles

Pop your way through colorful levels

Keep the cats happy to purr and meow for you!

Match cute, kitty-shaped bubbles

Pop your way through colorful levels

Keep the cats happy to purr and meow for you!

If you like match-3 games or cats to any extent, Kitty Pawp is the next game you will want to play. Full of fuzzy, furry and bubbly cats and kittens, Kitty Pawp takes two of the best things ever and puts them into one game. The classical match-3 game is taken to the extreme with a cute twist in this perfect unison of cats and bubbles. With many levels and cats to keep you entertained for days, get comfortable on your seat and pop bubbles with the adorable cats of Kitty Pawp!

There are no need for tutorials as these cats know how to introduce themselves with just one meow. Kitty Pawp goes straight into the match making rounds as a short tutorial is shown while the player gets their first taste of bubble popping. With very simple controls, a player needs only to use their mouse and click in order to release bubbles to form matches of three or more.

There are varying levels throughout the Kitty Pawp map and there are different rules that apply to some levels. For instance, some levels are timed and the players will be forced to think fast in order to make as many matches as they can during that round. Kitty Pawp also features a three star system like other match-3 games and have a score metre for the the players to set high scores on.

While the main kitty in the middle is mostly doing all the match making, the other cats are there to help too! Drop enough bubbles to the kitty gang below and they will be able to use their super-charged power-up to help you get more scores! So always take advantage of the kitty gang’s super attack to keep your score metre going.
And to give you more of a challenge, Kitty Pawp has a social leader board just for bubble popping purposes! Signing into your Facebook profile allows you to compete with friends and family to see how far they are in the game. But if you want to try a more friendly approach, you can invite friends to give you an extra life and other gifts.

Kitty Pawp has insanely cute graphics, and the pastel colors sure makes the game even more adorable and bubbly. And if the graphics can’t quite convince you then let the sounds tickle your ear. The cats sound so realistic that they will meow and purr for you and you wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s real or not. This game screams cute cats in every asset, even with its cat-shaped bubbles.

In a nutshell, Kitty Pawp is a savagely addicting game should you find yourself attracted to cats, bubbles or match-3 games. So line up the bubbles and pop them in groups to get the best scores. Use your cat friends to help you with their Super Attacks to get rid of even more bubbles. And should you make the cats happy enough, listen in peace as they meow and purr for your ear’s pleasure. But it doesn’t end there, as level after level await you in this bubble popping saga. Will you be the new owner of these wonderfully adorable cats? Meet them now and download Kitty Pawp on your Android or iOS device now!

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