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Play through intriguing Hidden Object windows.

Walk through the world and search for special items.

Earn coins to spend on special items to help you search.

Enter into the role of Jane Goodhart as she takes the first step onto a dramatic adventure of mystery and dark magics. Following your father’s footsteps you become a journalist for the Amazing Magazine. Along the way you will meet some fascinating characters and investigate some very strange things.

Following a lead to investigate the disappearances of 2 young women in the town of Salem you begin a fantastic journey full of twists and turns. As you drive to Salem you are involved in a car crash, which opens up your first hidden object scene. Investigating the trunk of your car you will need to find a few select items.

Each scene costs you energy to play, and your bar will refill over time, or you can ask friends for energy and eat food. The scenes have a timer counting down often starting at 3 minutes. There are also 3 modes to each scene, a regular mode, silhouette mode and night mode. In normal you have a regular word list, in silhouette you have the shadow shape of an item and in night mode the screen is dark apart from your torchlight.

There are hints available, in the form of a compass which will find one item for you. There are also many tools that you can find or purchase to help you in the different scene modes, from a flare to light up the night scene to 3D glasses that fill in the colours in the silhouette mode. Each of these costs either coins or diamonds.

Between the scenes you will be able to explore the world around you, opening up barrels or looking under bushes. Doing so will cost you 1 of your energy, but you have the chance to find some extra boosts or coins. Sometimes you will also have to investigate these to find a special item to continue the story for for a quest.

Moving around the world is really great, you get the chance for extra items and the exploration is fun. Moving between the scenes you get to see more of the game, and there are sometimes hints of what is to come or extra parts to the story.

The scenes in Journals Of The Unknown are amazing, using photo quality graphics they really stand out. The items move around from scene to scene sometimes, keeping the game interesting. When you are looking for a particular quest item, you will need to clear the regular items list, and then you can click on the special quest item to collect it. The list of items is really well presented and easy to follow, and the extra bonuses and hints that you can use are all showing on the left side of the screen.

Outside of the scenes the rest of the graphics and story are fully complete, from your desk at the magazine to bulletin boards full of scenes to play the feel of the game never changes. You meet some fun characters as well as some strange and creepy ones. Each person you meet brings something new or interesting to the story as you play.

Journals Of The Unknown has some brilliant little tweaks that make it stand out from some of the other hidden object games available on Facebook. The story is compelling and a real thrill ride once it gets going. With some beautiful graphics, consistent feel and loads of stuff to do Journals Of The Unknown is a real keeper and hugely enjoyable.

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Walk through the world and search for special items.

Earn coins to spend on special items to help you search.
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