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Match 3 or more colored gems together.

Play through 5 different styles of game.

Use magical boosters to help you.

Atlantis Adventure is a match 3 style Free Facebook Game, follow the adventure and see if you can get to the final secrets in this magical place.

Match 3 or more coloured gems together.

Play through 5 different styles of game.

Use magical boosters to help you.

Travel the magical and mysterious land of Atlantis and along the way enter into an amazing adventure. Meet a goddess who will show you the way and guide you in your first steps. Right from the start you are taken to a new Match 3 gems game. From here the excitement begins.

In each level you will need to match 3 or more of the coloured gems together. If you match 4 in a line you will create a special gem that blows up everything in a line when it is matched. If you create an L shape you will have a fiery gem that blows up everything around it. And finally if you match 5 you will earn a hypercube that blows up every gem of the same colour it touches.

If you match a 2 special gems together they combine into spectacular results, each special combination you make will do something different. The most powerful is matching 2 hypercubes together, this will destroy every gem on the field and completely reset the board.

As you progress through the levels you will also unlock powerful boosters that you can use in a gem match game. Every time you unlock a booster you will receive 3 for free and they don’t have a time limit, so you can save them for the higher levels. These boosters range from removing 1 specific gem to starting a level with a hypercube.

There are also special amulets that you can obtain, these have a variety of powers, from recovering your lost lives faster to increasing your maximum number of lives up to 8. Many of these amulets are available for purchase for real money through the game, as are all of the boosters and special powers you unlock.

As you play the levels you will also unlock letters that were written by an adventurer who came before you. Each of these letters reveals a little more of the adventure and tells the story for you. All of these letters are stored in your journal and you can read them at any time.

The match 3 games are great fun to play, and they have a few different varieties. From scoring a certain number of points to removing all of the tiles hidden behind gems. This variety of level brings a refreshing change to this much loved genre of games. At higher levels combining the removal of tiles with dropping a specific number of runes can be great fun to play.

The graphics are simple but enjoyable to play through, and the boosters can be very powerful, it is worth saving them for the later levels, as they do get a bit harder as you progress. Also in the earlier levels you will sometimes start with an extra booster in play, such as a hypercube.

Atlantis Adventure is a simple game to play but great fun at the same time. Taking the classic gem match game with a new twist and a fun story. With over 200 levels of action to play through you will never be bored with this fantastic game.

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Play through 5 different styles of game.

Use magical boosters to help you.
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