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Find as many words as you can in the puzzle

Earn points by freeing the bears behind every word made

Win and collect all the cute and fuzzy bears

Find as many words as you can in the puzzle

Earn points by freeing the bears behind every word made

Win and collect all the cute and fuzzy bears

Do you love cute bears? Do you love word puzzles? If you have a thing for both then try Alphabear today and test your word and vocabulary skills in a fun and cuddly environment surrounded by bears! Developed by Spry Fox, Alphabear is available on Facebook and your Android or iOS devices for free play wherever you go. Spelling words and educating your children has never been more fun and challenging, with the more letters you use, the more points you earn. Unlocking bears for your collection also adds on more to the already exciting mechanics this game has to offer, so don’t delay play Alphabear today!

Starting a new game of Alphabear, players are given a board with mixed letters and with it, you are tasked to clear the letters by forming words with them. Each tile represents one bear and adjacent tiles will form bigger bears once merged into a word, until you make bigger bears to earn extra points. This score is crucial for passing each stage as it serves as the main goal for each puzzle. However, some levels have more requirements than passing the score to beat it. There are timed levels, levels with certain letters unavailable and other variations. But the biggest challenge in each level is having the letters turn into stone, rendering them unusable and a major obstacle in forming your words. With each turn the player takes, the number on each tile used will count down until it reaches zero, by which point will turn it into stone, hindering your chances for bigger words.

As you clear tiles, more letters will appear and you can make up as many words as you can until there are no more playable moves left which will be the end of the level. Depending on your performance, players are given a new bear for their collection and serve as a power-up for players to use during the next levels. The use of these bears vary with each one, with abilities ranging from bonuses on scores, extra points for certain letters, and many more. These bears can also be levelled up by collecting the same kind of bears but the drawback is that they have a cooldown period, which renders them useless for the next levels. So be wary when you use these bears as the more powerful the bear, the longer the cooldown.

The music used in Alphabear is also very mellow and relaxing. It allows for players to think clearly about the words being formed while still having a soft and gentle music playing in the background for minimal distractions. It is very suiting for the game genre and for the targeted adults and children alike. Not to mention the graphics are so cute, they are to die for. If you have a passion for bears, this game is sure to rekindle your love for them and your kids will love them too! With such a great color palette of pastels and charming little bears that get bigger as you play, your inner child is sure to come out.

In a nutshell, Alphabear is a whole new take on the word puzzle genre with many twists in its already solid game mechanics. It manages to keep the game interesting and fun enough to keep playing even after many levels of word hunting. And to make things even more interesting there are bear power-ups which can be used at the player’s disposal, to get more points and collect even more bears. It’s safe to say that Spry Fox in association with Facebook has succeeded in providing bear lovers a game that will tickle both their brains and satisfy their cravings for bear overload. There is no better time than now to get started with Alphabear so download it on your Android or iOS device today!

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