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Games that follow the game mechanics outlined in the original 2048 game where players merge numbers to multiply them and get a larger number. Since then, many games have innovated this game concept and instead of using numbers, they let players merge 2 of the same objects to get a brand-new item. Merge Dragons! - Merge Dragons! Merge & Match Dragons Fantasy Setting Enjoy this highly innovative puzzle game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking game world that’s filled with gorgeous sights to see.

Return the land of Dragonia to its once prosperous state by removing the clouds cast by the evil Zomblins.
Merge Farm! - Merge Farm! Animals Merge & Match Φάρμα Διαχείριση Idle Merge all the delicious crops and expand your farm in Merge Farm!

Complete orders and collect revenues to explore new variety.

Manage your farm animals and make delicious items with raw produce.
Hi Farm: Merge Fun! - Hi Farm: Merge Fun! Animals Merge & Match Φάρμα Merge a wide variety of crops to level them up

Harvest your crops and sell them to your customers

Process your harvest into more profitable goods like bread and juice
Merge Gems! - Merge Gems! Merge & Match Idle Combine similar gems in Merge Gems!

Earn money even when you are not playing the game.

Unlock more spaces and combine the gems to unlock new ones.
Age of 2048 - Age of 2048 Merge & Match Build a city and develop your civilization from the Stone Age to the Space Age.

Swipe in all four directions in order to merge tiles and uncover new ones

Use any of the power-ups to avoid getting a game over and continue playing
Disney Getaway Blast - Disney Getaway Blast Merge & Match Merge together tons of colorful tiles in this addicting mobile based game that doesn’t disappoint.

Progress through a massive variety of challenging levels featuring clever designs.

Utilize the powerful abilities of iconic Disney characters to get some assistance during the more challenging levels.
Penny & Flow: Finding Home - Penny & Flow: Finding Home Σχεδιασμός Σπιτιού Merge & Match Accompany Penny and Flow on their quest to rebuild an entire mansion from scratch in this delightful mobile based game that doesn’t disappoint.

Play through tons upon tons of creatively designed matching levels that’ll put your skills to the test.

Unlock and utilize a variety of decorations and other items for the mansion as you progress through the game.

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