Games Like Age of 2048 Most Played Games Like Age of 2048

Build a city and develop your civilization from the Stone Age to the Space Age.

Swipe in all four directions in order to merge tiles and uncover new ones

Use any of the power-ups to avoid getting a game over and continue playing
Puzzle Star BT21 - Puzzle Star BT21 Fantasy Setting Solve a huge variety of challenging puzzles in Puzzle Star BT21.

Unlock cool characters with unique skills and make your own collection of stars.

Score three stars in each level and use amazing power ups.
Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble - Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble Crime Escape Game Modern Setting Become a burglar and complete exciting missions in Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble.

Customize your burglar and unlock the coolest outfits.

Use cool power ups to sneak your way to the top.
Fuzzy Critters - Fuzzy Critters Κατοικίδια Ταίριαξε 3 Help guide your pet as it makes its way to the end of the pipe

Overcome various obstacles by matching specific number of colored keys

Play various challenging game modes or compete with others via Duel
Merge Dragons! - Merge Dragons! Merge & Match Dragons Fantasy Setting Enjoy this highly innovative puzzle game that doesn’t cease to impress.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking game world that’s filled with gorgeous sights to see.

Return the land of Dragonia to its once prosperous state by removing the clouds cast by the evil Zomblins.
Frozen Free Fall 10 Frozen Free Fall Ταίριαξε 3 Journey across the frost-covered Kingdom of Arendelle with your favorite Frozen characters

Match up 3 or more gems, complete the level goals and proceed to the next level

Use amazing power-ups to shatter those frozen gems and get yourself a high score
Toy Blast - Toy Blast Διάλυσε Τουβλάκια Ταίριαξε 3 Protect the tiny toys from the dangers that lie ahead by removing them from the game board.

Explore an exciting set of levels filled with different dangers and challenges that you can experience at all times.

Connect with your friends and improve each other’s gameplay as you see fit.
Kitty Pawp - Kitty Pawp Πυροβόλησε Φούσκες Animals Ταίριαξε 3 Match cute, kitty-shaped bubbles

Pop your way through colorful levels

Keep the cats happy to purr and meow for you!
Family Zoo: The Story 10 Family Zoo: The Story Animals Κατασκευή Ταίριαξε 3 Zoo Restore your family zoo in this epic match-3 game Family Zoo: The Story.

Introduce a huge variety of cute animals in your zoo.

Decorate your zoo with beautiful flowers, decorations and stands.
Disney Getaway Blast - Disney Getaway Blast Merge & Match Merge together tons of colorful tiles in this addicting mobile based game that doesn’t disappoint.

Progress through a massive variety of challenging levels featuring clever designs.

Utilize the powerful abilities of iconic Disney characters to get some assistance during the more challenging levels.
Paddington Run - Paddington Run Runner Game Run as Paddington the Bear around London collecting marmalade jars.

Collect power-ups to boost the speed or double your collection.

Gain experience in order to customize Paddington’s look and abilities.

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Most Played Games Like Age of 2048 Most Played Games Like Age of 2048

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